1 888 323 9412 LOCAL: +41 43 508 2434
Fee : Personal Corporate
Account opening fee None
Outgoing wire transfer fee 80 USD/EUR
Incoming wire transfer fee 10 USD/EUR
Monthly account maintenance fee 10 USD/EUR
Minimum Balance requirement USD/EUR
Account to Account transfer fee Free
User to User transfer fee Free
Other Benefits and Features : Personal Corporate
Time to get the account approved Within hours
What is required to open an account Government photo ID, e-mail, SMS number and proof of address
Personal accounts offered Yes
Corporate accounts offered Yes
Guaranteed Income offered Yes
Deposits protected Yes
US Citizen can open an account Yes
Interest paid on Savings Yes
Privacy Guaranteed
Accounts in multiple currencies Yes
Max Profit on Savings Yes
High Yield Savings Account Up to 12% per annum
Other investments offered Yes
Online Banking Yes
Transfer funds to Anywhere
Receive funds from Anywhere
Secure transactions Yes
Two factor authentication Yes
Unique situation Contact us to see how we can help