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Welcome to Swiss One Trust
Banking and Investments Without Borders


About us:

We at Swiss One Trust operate with the singular goal to help our clients achieve financial freedom and success with utmost peace of mind.  We are based in Switzerland and engaged with international partners to assist our clients in attaining, growing and protecting their wealth.


  • Guaranteed Income – 12% Per year
  • Precious Metals Storage
  • Treasury management
  • Numbered Accounts
  • Wealth Management

Our Advantages:

Swiss One Trust offers unique opportunities to protect and grow your wealth.  We take pride in giving personalized solutions to each and every one of our clients.  We want to implement innovative strategies to grow, secure and protect your assets and money.

Think of us as your personal financial concierge. Connect with us to work on personalized solutions to your individual banking needs.

What We Offer

Customized Wealth Management

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We are here to provide custom solutions to assist you in protecting and growing you assets. We offer customized growth portfolios based in diverse methods including existing assets leveraging or via global markets investments.

Storage of Precious Metals
3D rendering of a bank Vault with gold bars inside

We offer unparalleled services in the transportation, verification and long term storage and protection of your precious metals in different parts of the world.  We strive to ensure peace of mind when it comes to your valuable assets.

Assets Protection and Growth
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You have worked hard to attain your wealth.  Let us manage it to ensure sustainment of your lifestyle long term. We can guarantee you retirement and family’s income and ensure preservation of your luxuries for generations to come.