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Guaranteed Annual Income up to 12%

Our unique international partnerships and vast exposure to global markets and diverse assets classes allow us to offer you customized investment portfolios and Guaranteed Income Certificates (GICs) that guarantee your principal with up to 12% annual return. Let us ensure your peace of mind on your principal as we also offer a safe and rapidly growing annual income stream. Contact us to find out how.

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Wealth Insurance for High Net Worth Portfolios

No one is immune to economic fluctuations. In addition to standard and natural patterns (e.g. recessions), financial turmoil (especially in global markets) can result in a dramatic reduction in one’s wealth. We offer customized programs and portfolios to guarantee your set net-worth range for the next five years. Contact us to find out more about our programs.

Precious Metals Storage

Diversification is one of the most successful strategies in investments and is essential to growth. After all, you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket. We can convert your assets in precious metals and keep them safely at one of our locations in Switzerland, Canada or Australia. Contact us for more information.

Assets Protection

Privacy is a key aspect of wealth security. Due to its legal structure and framework, there is no better place to protect your wealth than in Switzerland. For example, in Switzerland, bankers are outlawed from disclosing whether or not an account is numbered to any governmental agency unless proof of deliberate fraud is established, not merely the non-reporting of assets in order to avoid taxation. If privacy of your wealth is a concern, let us help you protect it.

Treasuries Management

Treasuries management requires expertise and can be costly. Outsource your treasuries management to us and improve efficiency, cut cost and attain peace of mind. We offer treasuries management solutions for corporations as well as other financial institutions.

Additional Customized Services

We operate as your personal bank and financial concierge. Bring us a problem and we will present you with solutions. For example, financial deals, especially those involving costly assets and/or internationally based, can be complex to broker. We can offer brokerage services to maneuver you past the pit falls and ensure smooth execution of contracts and transactions for such deals.